The production chain

Dutch medicinal cannabis is produced, from plant to product, by the following partners:

Office of Medicinal Cannabis (Supervision of the program)

Bedrocan BV (Production of medicinal cannabis)

Isotron BV (Sterilization)

Farmalyse BV (Chemical analysis/Quality control)

Bactimm BV (Microbiological quality control)

Fagron BV (Packaging and distribution)


Wholesale pharmacies

A few Dutch pharmacies buy medicinal cannabis in bulk, which lowers the price for the patient. Your order may be delievered y express-mail.

Apotheek Hanzeplein
Located in the city of Groningen

Apotheek Maasbracht
Located in Maasbracht, Limburg



Producer of the Volcano Medic vaporizer

International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine (IACM)

International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS)

Health Canada
Ministry of Health in Canada, where cannabis is available as a medicine