Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Really Work?


Strip Nc Natural Cleanser

Figure 1.

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser for Weed Detox

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser reviews can be hard to come by online.  Strip NC is made by Covert labs which has a sparse, low-key website.  This adds to the mystery surrounding the product.  Our Strip Nc Natural Cleanser by Covert Labs review shows you the ups and downs of using this product especially for weed detox.  All of these details will be reviewed:

  1. Using Strip Nc Natural Cleanser to pass drug test.
  2. How to use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser for detoxification.
  3. How to Pass a saliva test.
  4. How to test clean on a pee drug test.
  5. Directions for the best results.
  6. How long does it last?
  7. Where to buy near me.

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Instructions and Ingredients

The mechanism of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser appears to be to stimulate the removal of cannabis sativa or any toxins in the body by stimulating digestion and producing excess urine so that the levels of marijuana cannot be detected in tests.

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Supplement Facts

Figure 2.

  • Fructose. This natural sugar is known for causing diabetes.  Sugar is important to keep electrolyte balance so when the body encounters this sugar it uses some then tries to get rid of the rest by producing excess urine, creating a temporary detoxification and cleansing effect.
  • Vitamins. These vitamins are native to the body for basic functions.  However, when the body has too much of a good thing, it gets rid of the excess.  This may have a detoxing effect and a fat burning effect which may also break open fat cells to release stored marijuana to flush the system before a urinalysis.
  • Creatine. Creatine is used because excess creatine produces excess urine, a process trusted for detoxifying the blood and masking unwanted substances.
  • Fiber. Fiber in various forms are used in this formulation and the result, according to many reviewers is diarrhea.  However, this will flush excess toxins out of your system along with excess water and can have a detoxifying effect even if you have to take a urine analysis tests for probation.
  • Papain. Papain in an enzyme in papaya that breaks down proteins.  It has been shown to interfere with drug screenings for marijuana is a scientific study listed in the references section of this article.
  • Cascara Sagrada. This is a laxative herb from the bark of the Cascara tree.  It stimulates muscle contractions in the intestine to force out waste and toxins.

How to Use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser

  1. Try not to take cannabis for a few days.
  2. Try not to eat three hours before taking the product.
  3. Completely consume the Strip Nc Natural Cleanser for THC detox 32-ounce drink from 3 to 24 hours before your test.
  4. Drink a reasonable amount of electrolyte water. Do not drink excessive water without electrolytes as this can cause death by water intoxication.
  5. Make sure your next piss is at least a third or fourth passing after taking the product.


Strip Nc Natural Cleanser is a supplement not meant to cure disease and not federally regulated by the FDA.  Do not take if under 18, pregnant, ill, or taking prescription and OTC drugs.  Consult a physician before initially taking a supplement.

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About Strip Nc Natural Cleanser


Please send your testimonials, comments, or questions to:
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Or you can email Covert Labs at: [email protected]



Covert Labs will replace any product you are unsatisfied with by giving you another of their products.

Add Ons

Covert Labs has a range of products for different stages of the detox process, i.e. depending on how long you have before the text.

A week a head of time, a Stage 1 product called Strip 7 Day Cleansing is recommended by Covert Labs.  It contains a range of healthy herbs including dandelion and alfalfa.  The day of the test, Strip Nc Natural Cleanser as a drink or in gel caps is recommended.

Pros and Cons of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser

  • Contains fairly safe levels of herbs
  • It is available in pills and capsules for those who can’t handle the drink
  • Contains vitamins which may help open fat cells to release THC
  • Especially targeted for THC tests
  • Contains papain scientifically shown to interfere with marijuana tests
  • Works on the same day
  • Does not require a long period of abstinence
  • Contains high doses of vitamins
  • It’s a 32-ounce drink
  • No scientific studies on the combination of ingredients
  • Diarrhea
  • Possible dilute urine if you drink too much water


The secret ingredient appears to be papain, an enzyme which breaks down protein and was shown in a toxicological study to decrease the sensitivity of tests for THC.

Q&A about Strip Nc Natural Cleanser

Q: Where to buy Strip Nc Natural Cleanser.

A:  At , Walmart online, and


Q: Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser work for alcohol?

A:  It may speed the emptying of alcohol, which leaves the body at about a drink per hour, so give enough time for alcohol to leave your system before submitting a test sample.


Q: Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser work for opiates?

A: It may speed elimination of opiates.


Q: Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser work the same day?

A: Yes.  It should be used 2 to 10 hours before your test.


Q: How much does a bottle of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser cost?

A: About $39.95

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Reviews from customers

2 Positive Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Reviews

Positive Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Review

Figure 3.

The first reviewer and second reviewer agree the product tastes awful.  However, the first reviewer passed the test and was satisfied.

The second reviewer became nauseous and puked, then the test came back diluted.  So, not for someone with a weak stomach.

Positive Review

Positive Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Review

Figure 4.

This reviewer claims to have passed the test even though he/she smoked the day before the test.

Social Media / Message Board Comment:

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Message Board Comment

Figure 5.

This comment appeared on the popular forums.  It shows as user asking about the product, then using it with a successful result.


The ingredients in Strip Nc Natural Cleanser work, theoretically, by 3 mechanisms:

  1. Cascara Sagrada stimulates digestion and cleans out any toxins or THC hanging around the gut and may even cause some backflow of fluid out of the blood and into the intestine and out of the body.
  2. Creatine and vitamins help burn fat and produce excess urine which removes THC from the body.
  3. Papain is scientifically proven to interfere specifically with THC tests.

Since Zinc is also scientifically proven to interfere with THC tests, you might stack this product with a zinc supplement.  If you do that, you might have a fighting chance with this product, but if you are prone to stomach cramping, you might want to buy the papain and zinc separately to avoid the painful diarrhea and nausea you will probably experience.

Compare to other detox products on our page here:

See our page here to see how long you must abstain to get weed out of your system:

Scientific study references

Study #1.

Section of Toxicology, Department of Pharmacology; James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University. “Papain: a novel urine adulterant”. Johnson City, 37614, USA.

Comment:  This study shows that papain in Strip Nc Natural Cleanser interferes with tests for THC.

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