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If you want to get all the benefits of medical marijuana butter and avoid the drawbacks of smoking pot, read carefully. We will show you that you will get the best experience by learning how to make strong cannabutter. You will find that cooking cannabis butter is incredibly easy and the best way to use medical hemp.

Many of the recipes on the internet contain procedural flaws that may render your pot butter practically inert. This first recipe is fool proof, simple, and to the point, to give you the best and strongest weed butter every time.

#1 Best Formula for Making Cannabutter

Cannabutter recipe
We are giving you the easiest and best recipe up front so that you will immediately understand the process of making excellent pot butter. Then you can mull over each weed butter recipe which follows and choose the one that best fits your needs.Here’s what you’ll need to cook basic canna butter:


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 lb. of butter, unsalted
  • 1 oz. of high quality lightly ground cannabis bud, or trim


  • Container with lid
  • Twine
  • Glass or ceramic bowl, refrigerator and heat safe
  • Pot
  • Stove
  • Spatula
  • Knife
  • Cheese cloth
  • Baking sheet or oven pan

Cannabutter recipe

Step 1. Decarboxylate aka bake your bud for 30 mins

Preheat oven to 215 degrees Fahrenheit or 102 degrees Celsius. Be sure the bud is in small pieces. If not, tear into grainy pieces with your hands (don’t overdo it). Spread evenly over the surface of the pan and cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

This is a preliminary step called decarboxylation, but the big word is unimportant. You are simply heating the cannabis up to release the active natural substances with healing and psychoactive properties. In other words, you are making the ganja much stronger. The cannabis will be light brown, dried out, and the active ingredients will be more concentrated.

Step 2. Add butter and water to stove pot, cook on low, throw in the weed

Add 1 lb. of butter and 1 cup of water to your cooking pot and simmer on low. The water will prevent the butter from burning. As the butter melts, add your 1 oz. of ground cannabis. This is a potent cannabutter recipe. For a gentler canna butter, add less cannabis to get a less potent ratio of cannabis to butter.

Step 3. Simmer 3 hours

Keep the mixture simmering on low for 3 hours stirring occasionally. Make sure it doesn’t reach a boil. Then remove from heat and let it cool enough to safely touch.

Step 4. Strain out plant material with cheesecloth

Tie your cheesecloth with twine to make a lid covering your glass or ceramic bowl or other container. Carefully pour the hot mixture into your bowl while straining it with the cheese cloth to remove all plant substance. You can also use a permanent coffee filter or mesh for straining.

Step 5. Refrigerate for hardening

Remove the cheesecloth. Cover the mixture and place it in the refrigerator for hardening. The butter will separate from the water and you will remove it with your spatula or other tool and place it in a storage container for use. Dispose of the remaining water.

Now it is time to enjoy your cannabis butter!  When you are ready to use it, let it sit at room temperature if it needs to soften.

The Effects of Canna Butter

Once you have used your thc butter recipe and it is time to enjoy your creation, you will need some information on how to dose it to get the desired effects.

Dosing:  Divide into 28 pieces

Dosing your canna butter can be incredibly tricky. The first mishap people make it taking too much, so this simple trick can be helpful. You have used an ounce of ganja in this recipe. Therefore, you theoretically have 28 grams of weed in the butter (minus the plant material). So, divide your butter into 28 equal pieces, say 4 rows of 7 (if you miscalculate, you can remold the butter and start again). Each piece will have the equivalent effect of 1 gram of weed which is about one large bowl. Beginners will start with half of that or less. The rule is “start low and go slow” for cannabis edibles. Wait 45 minutes to two hours before redosing. Do not make the mistake of thinking you should take more if you don’t get effects immediately. The effects of edibles start slow and build steadily. If you re-dose before the effects appear, you will have taken too much and will feel uncomfortably high for a few hours. In any case, do not consume the whole thing in one go.

Weed butter will give you a slow and steady body high with euphoria and pain relief. It will work better than smoked marijuana for those with chronic illnesses because the effects will peak later and last longer.


  • Each 1/28th piece = one bowl smoked (divide it up depending on your tolerance)
  • Wait 45 mins to two hours before redosing

Now that you know how to make basic canna butter and what effects to expect, let’s look at some awesome spins on the basic recipe our fellow cannabis lovers have discovered to personalized their canna butter.

#2 The Crockpot Method

Crockpot Method

Some users prefer to use a crockpot to get a more concentrated cannabis butter. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 1 oz. of marijuana bud
  • 1 lb. of butter, unsalted
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract


  • Crockpot
  • Knife
  • Cheesecloth
  • Heat-safe container
  • Spoon

Step 1. Turn crockpot to the highest setting.

Step 2. Put butter and vanilla extract drops into the pot. Wait for butter to melt.

Step 3. Break or cut up your marijuana bud and put it into the crockpot and cover.

Step 4. Set the timer for 8 hrs., stirring every half hour.

Step 5. After 8 hours let it cool a bit for safe handling, then strain your mixture with the cheesecloth. You can use the cheesecloth over a funnel or fasten it tightly with twine over your heat-safe container. Carefully pour the butter over your strainer into your container to remove the plant material.

Step 6. Place the covered container in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

Step 7. Retrieve the butter from the fridge and scrape off the grainy bottom layer with your knife and enjoy!

#3 The Single Pot Method

This is the simplest method available for those who aren’t really into cooking. This method, done correctly can produce some of the strongest thc butter available since it has fewer materials for the cannabinoids to stick to and doesn’t use a strainer.

Ingredients and equipment:

  • 1 lb. of unsalted butter
  • 1 oz. of cannabis bud
  • Grinder
  • Water
  • Pot

Fill your medium sized pot with water and bring to a strong boil. Throw in your butter and weed and put a lid on it. Boil at around 210 degrees for 90 minutes, being sure it doesn’t boil over. After 90 minutes, take it off the stove, let it cool a bit before putting it in the refrigerator. Leave it overnight or until the butter if fully hardened which will take a few hours. You will have a nice disk of butter floating at the top of your pot. Cut around the edges and fish it out with a spatula. Most of the plant material will have settled to the bottom. A few specks in the butter will add a nice herbal flavor to your canna butter. Divide your butter into appropriate doses and use in your favorite recipes!

# 4 Coconut Canna Butter Oil

Coconut Canna Butter

While regular unsalted butter has healthy MCTs and other fatty acids, some people prefer to use Coconut oil which has incredible health benefits and an awesome taste. It also works very well for extracting THC. The oil can be used in cooking or applied in health products by alternative medicine practitioners.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • ½ cup of coconut butter or oil
  • ¼ oz. of weed trim
  • 1 tsp granules of soy lecithin


  • Stove
  • Mesh strainer
  • Scissors
  • Ceramic dish

Cut up your weed with scissors to get small pieces (not too small). Preheat oven to 220 F and place your bud in a ceramic dish (oven-safe) covered with foil for 30 minutes to decarboxylate your weed. Remove your dish from the oven and let it cool (leaving the oven on).

Place your coconut butter in a pan on the stove top at low heat and let it melt while your herb is cooling. Now remove the foil from the herb and sprinkle a half tsp of lecithin over the decarboxylated weed. Then pour your melted coconut butter over the herb, stir, and place it back into the oven for 50 minutes at 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now remove from oven after 50 minutes, and let it cool enough to comfortably touch it. Squash the herb with a spoon a bit, sprinkle with another half teaspoon of lecithin, stir, and place it back in the oven covered at 220 F for another 50 minutes.

Shut off the heat and allow to cool. Place it in the freezer for two hours. Remove from the freezer and reheat just enough to melt the oil. Now strain out the plant material and enjoy your coconut cannabis butter oil!

#5 Coconut Cannabis Butter

If you want coconut pot butter instead of oil, just use the same recipe as above but be sure to use coconut butter rather than oil. Then once you have your strained oil, place it into the refrigerator over- night for hardening and enjoy your coconut cannabis butter!

Effects of Coconut Cannabis Edibles

Coconut cannabis edibles including butter and oil are quickly gaining in popularity.  Some enthusiasts swear it is far superior to regular butter in extracting the THC and other healing components of cannabis. It also has clear health benefits of its own from balancing cholesterol levels to treating skin inflammation. Coconut weed butter may be more potent than regular canna butter due to better absorption of cannabinoids and better bioavailability. The effects come on slow and build steadily so pace yourself. In our recipe, we have used ¼ oz. of weed, about 7 grams, which is like 7 large bowls smoked. So, divide into 7 to 21 pieces depending on your tolerance. It is best to check your tolerance by using a small amount every two hours and increasing the dose until you discover which dose gives you the desired effect.

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Samantha Sharp says:

Why the soy lecitine in the coconut recipe ?

LadyMadonna says:

IDK, but lecithin is often optional in recipes. It helps in breaking up fat.

T says:

The quick recipe sucks it was on the stove for 10 mins before it burnt to hell that was a huge waste of 75 dollars thanks a lot !!

Jon says:

They’re isn’t a method listed saying it’s a “quick method” since none are all that quick; going to assume you used the single-pot “easy method”. If you burnt your butter within ten minutes using that method, you definitely doesn’t follow the instructions. If you fill a pot with water (note the term “fill”, and later in the instructions it tells you to ensure it doesn’t boil over. There’s no set amount of water to use in the recipe: it should have significantly more water than anything else in the pot.) So there is not a chance, if following the recipe, for the weed or butter to sit on the bottom of the pot long enough to burn as the oxygen released by boiling (ie, those bubbles that would indicate it is boiling water) would constantly and consistently be pushing everything to the surface to quickly for it to burn.

YJ says:

This is hilarious….

J says:

@T hahahahha

JimH says:

Lecithin is an emulsifier that makes the infusion work more effectively.


Why soy lecithin? Is there anything else that can be used because I try to not eat anything soy because soy is not healthy for human consumption, especially for men.

Bryan says:

There is lectin made from Sunflower of course it’s called sunflower lectin it works just as good mabey better

Miguel Decena says:

why is soy bad for men?

Sentuentdreamer says:

According to a study I heard,soy can reduce testosterone levels, and shrink your manhood. I also heard mountain dew doesthat lol

Kathy says:

This was my first try at cannabutter and it turned out great. Using cannabutter is so much better than smoking..for me anyway. If you make brownies (like I did) be sure to make a batch without cannabutter, because it is very tempting to eat way more than you need to get great results.

Maria says:

Which method did you use?

Kya says:

Does the coconut oil method need to be refrigerated for storing?

Xtina says:

If I use a 1/4 will I have to bake for the same length of time or just 10mins?

Sarah says:

If you are asking if you bake 1/4 oz the same length of time you bake 1 oz, the answer is yes, bake for the same length of time.

Merilee says:

Why so long on crock pot method it’s 8 on high yet another recipe says boil on low for 11/2
Confused ?

Eve Rifkah says:

I find that using a pressure cooker is best. No need to carbonize (bake first). Much quicker.
I cook for 20 minutes, cool, strain.

Chowchilla Chick says:

Recipe please for pressure cooker; was it an instant pot?

Piraterooster says:

Hi Eve it is necessary to heat your cannabis. The word you were looking for is called decarboxylation.

AuntyFatty says:

When straining through cheesecloth why does it have to be in a glass bowl. Is metal ok!

Question says:

Does the weed have to be dry?
Or can you take a fresh harvest plant or from freezer to make canna butter? im thinking about the terpenes?

Stormy says:

Put Coconut oil in to crockpot, let melt, add trim and stems. Let cook on low overnight. Strain and enjoy.

Shane Wharton says:

Thanks for this recipe. I have completed with success!! I Decarboxylated the weed as instructed and used olive oil spread to make the canna-butter. I have primarily used it as a spread on toast (with good old Australian Vegemite! YUM!) After consuming a couple of slices, within about 2 hours I began to feel the effect. The Vegemite has a nice strong flavour that covers the taste of butter perfectly. My intention was to find a successful way to consume without smoking so that I could give up smoking in general without having to give my weed. Thanks guys great help!!

Dead6 says:

Which recipe did you use?

Jacob Stubblefield says:

What is the purpose of putting coconut oil in freezer for 2 hours then heating it up again?

Andrea says:

My 1 lb of butter cooked down to 1 cup. Is this supposed to happen? (I used the first stove top recipe)

Diane says:

I’ve always heard to use European butter as there is A Lot of water in regular US butter

musclechick1407 says:

I have been using ghee. Give that a try all butter fat nothing else.

JimH says:

There is an Ethiopian Spiced Ghee called “Nitre Kibbeh” that is fantastic. Look for the recipe by Marcus Samuelson.

rhonda f davenport says:

The recipe for the one pot doesn’t work

nancy says:

Why did it not work? Did you not get high from the butter?

Taylor says:

Hi, I am trying to make my own edibles..however I am running into some issues. I am not understanding the math on how to dose everything correctly, can someone please help me? I used 28grams to one pound of butter. The THC in each gram is 23% it didn’t say how much THC was in the whole ounce though. I made cookies today with the butter I made, but I don’t know how many mg are in each cookie. I’m so confused. Help please!! Thanks!

Scott says:

It’s a math equation, look at it this way. If you used 28 grams into the butter and used all the butter to make 28 cookies each cookie would be 1gram. It appears alot of the butter melts away in some of the recipes so how much butter was left after cooking. Take that and figure out how much you used 25% 50% 75% or 100% thsy would equate to 7grams 14 21 or 28 for the whole batch. This is a crude way to look st it since THC % will make a difference in overall strength but if you get the same strength all the time I would assume 1 gram ingested would be similar to 1 gram of smoking depending on the device. Joint bowl bong vape or whatever. Probably not the best explanation but better then nothing

Boho Kush says:

Would it be Ok to use EVOO instead of coconut? Lol I don’t like coconut all that much lol??

Boho Kush says:

Wow lol obviously I’m already partaking lol, I meant can you use any kind of butter to make butter oil?

Paul says:

Do u need the lecithin? What does it do in this particular recipe?

Sarah says:

No you don’t need it. It is supposed to help hold more THC in the fat but I find it works equally well without it. (at least no difference in potency from using).


Lecithin can act to increase the potency of cannabis edibles in numerous ways, helping users to make the most of the weed they are using. Your body may have an easier time digesting the bound ingredients and will be able to access and digest THC and other cannabinoids more easily. As well as this, lecithin is known to be a surfactant, a compound that lowers surface tension. This fact means that lecithin helps to distribute THC and cannabinoids more efficiently.

Joe says:

I did the # 3 Crock pot method. I followed the directions exactly. The butter came out black and it smells a little burnt. Is this how it is supposed to be because if not then i just wasted a lot of pot which is not cheap.

April says:

The same thing happened to me …. I believe it cooked too long

Tfuu says:

If you put a glass off water in there with the butter it will prevent it from burning, after the cooling period you can seperate the water from the butter again.

Anthony says:

I leave my Crockpot on Warm setting instead of High or Low. I find that even on low it will burn the oil and leave a burnt flavor. remember Coconut oil has a much lower burn temp than others. So it will depend on what oil or butter is being used. For me Irish butter and Coconut oil have been best tasting

Michael says:

The”warm”setting on mine is about 225f-240f, whereas the low setting is a around 175f. Warm will burn it up over night with water in it. Low and I can let it go 3 days without burning.

Tony says:

Do not put crock pot on highest setting I almost burnt my batch.

Gisselle says:


Karen Bloch says:

Can I use trim from plants that are just starting to flower?

Ally says:

I made the first recipe to a tee. I am now making burnt butter frosting instead of brownies. I’ll find another recipe source. I see others have had the same issue, and they were made to look like a fool. Recipe clearly states one cup of water, one ounce weed, 1 cup butter simmered after decarbed for 3 hours. I knew 1/2 way through it was too late and butter had burned.

hgt223 says:

When simmering using a meat thermometer or something similar and keep track of the temperature. slow and steady is way better

David says:

It says 1 1b (pound) butter you mention 1 cup of butter if so your measurements are not to the tee.

MaryJane72 says:

I recommend sunflower lecitine (order on Amazon) not matter what. It helps bind the cannabinoids to the fat. Also, I find I get more consistent butter using the magical butter machine over crockpot. Unless you’re stirring the crockpot, your herb gets burnt on the sides.

james fortin says:

Do the buds/trim need to be dried and curred before making butter or can this be done same day as cutting?

BubbleBud says:

Highly recommended that the bud is cured prior to making any type of butter or oils.

Then it’s also ideal to freeze bud for 24hrs prior to baking them to ensure most moisture is out of the bud.

Yes it will evaporate in the oven but it’s an ideal pre-step.

Steve cee says:

I used the one pot method 1oz weed 1 cup water decarb weed for 35 min simmer for 3 hrs and it came out great some people said there’s burned sounds like you boiled it to death

Cassandra says:

Can I combine methods? I’m concerned about boiling it but don’t want to strain it.

Josh says:

I used method #1 and the butter came out great! I added the extra step of squeezing the juice from the buds using the cheesecloth. The butter is neon green just like the photo! I want expecting it to come out so good. Tried some on noodles with garlic salt and it is delicious! Thank you for publishing this information.

Teresa hisman says:

what is everyone doing with the remnants left over in the cheesecloth after you are done making the butter? Is there any way you could maybe be made into a cream for pain? Any ideas

Leeanne Clay says:

Once I make butter I use the remnants of plant matter & mix with coconut oil and heat it thru as per recipie . It actually came out quite strong ! Used it in slices ?

Kaitlin Kneller says:

I was told the mulch could be made into dog treats for your furry friend! I don’t have a recipe for you though, sorry!

Nubby G says:

Used the coconut oil method but ~18 grams of good bud per 1/2 cup of oil; it is strong! Baked a batch (16) of pumpkin chocolate chips muffins with it that are dank af! Tasty and totally stoney!! Great method–will use again!

Cassandra says:

Can you use 1oz per 1 cup of butter

Kaitlin Kneller says:

Could I use a double boiler instead of adding water directly to the mixture?? Or would you reccomend your method??
Also, I have a bunch of “scrap” weed I plan on using (leaf etc) would you reccomend I use twice as much green per cup of butter (the stuff I have is crystally, they’re just not buds; so I’m not sure how much weaker the effect will be.)
I’m also wondering if I would bake it a shorter period during the preliminary process, as leaves seem much more thin than busted up bud would be.
Thanks for your input! And also for a great post! It made me feel much more confident going into this for the first time!

Brendan Leberg says:

I used the first recipe and when I pulled the cheesecloth and plant material off of the container, what remained was liquid and separated into two layers one whiteish and the other nice and green like olive oil. The guide mentioned that it would become soli and im not sure which part of this mixture is water and what i should keep :/ Any help would be appreciated!!

Nancy Alexander says:

So , if in the crock pot method , it bubbles fer a minute er two , before i noticed , is it ruined er no ?

Nancy Alexander says:

So i made the crock pot butter yesterday. After i separated the butter an water . I thought why throw the water away ?
So i used it in my brownies too , along w the butter . They turned out awesome tasting an very , very strong high… the water is just as good for cookin as the butter .


PLEASE HELP ME lol. i tried recipe #1 and will say i am good in the kitchen but this burnt. I was checking on it every 1/2 hour and somewhere in between the 2 hour mark 1.5 hours left to cook it started boiling and burnt. I am thinking that 1 cup of water isn’t enough? can someone please give me some better directions or possible ways I messed this up?

Woz says:

You gotta keep topping the water up, the water prevents the butter from getting too hot or burning. Keep a kettle near by and top up regularly with hot water.

Mildadrea says:

I used method #3 and I noticed that my butter was more watery than usual, and I lost a lot of butter. Did I miss a step? Or should I try another method listed above?

Canna bee says:

Just a simple question. Why are you suggesting to decarboxylating your weed twice. Your doing it in the over and in the butter again by boiling it for 3 hours, plus most people will use the butter for backing so it really is being over done. If in butter method the oven decarboxylating is not needed. Just 3 hours to boil on the stove.

Ville says:

Thank you for awesome recipes!
Can you tell how much decarboxylation will effect in power of the butter?
I have make the butter from a trim couple of times in recent years. Never decarboxylation.
Why need for decarboxylation if simmer 3h? I can image it will do it in the beginning?
I used to put leafs, water and butter in a pot and low heat approximately 99celsius and keep it there 45min-1hour, if longer the butter would lack of power. After extraction I have cooked muffins in 150celsius oven and it will make butter works even better imo. Have also melt chocolate and put the buds in to it and wait to cool down. I will test the decarboxylation vs non decarboxylation extract when it is possible.

Ville says:

Like to edit temperatures after a measure.
My low heat is 60-70celsius, when water start to bubble little bit. I thought it was much closer to full boil temperature.
I make #1 your cannabutter recipe, but my temperature was closer 60celsius and not even steam. If it go to 70 celsius water start to steam and maybe loose THC in the steam.
I get the butter out really strong and toxic green colour.
I think 160ºF – 200ºF what is recommend some places is way too much of heat for 3h simmer.

Beth says:

I tried method #1, I think my oven is too small so it got too hot. My bud started to smoke slightly and was more of a dark brown than a light brown. Not sure if anyone else had this problem and how to solve it, or if it’s even a big deal. Still in process, so we will see how it turns out.