Marijuana Northern Lights Strain Review

Strain name Northern Lights
Positive Effects Deep relaxation, focus, creativity, euphoria, sociability, pain relief, happiness
Origin Made in Seattle Washington, propagated by Sensi Seeds of Holland. NL is a mix of Afghan landrace and Thai landrace strains.  Once known as Cl#5 F1.
Flavors Earthy, pine, sweet, citrus, bitter
May Relieve Insomnia, chronic pain like back problems, fibromyalgia, stress, anorexia
Aromas, Fragrance Deep, sweet, Kush-like, spicy, skunky, citrus, pine
THC Content % 16 % to 21 %, high
CBD % 0.1%
Yield 125 grams per square meter, 100 grams per plant in a greenhouse, medium yield
Genetic 95% Indica / 5% Sativa
Flowering time 6 to 8 weeks, fast
Harvest Mid October
Disease resistance High
Plant Height 1 to 2 meters, average
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Dizziness, headache, cotton-mouth, dry eyes

Origins, Genetics, History

Northern Lights cannabis seeds

Northern Lights cannabis seeds are of an immensely popular and famous strain.  It is believed to have first sprouted in Seattle, Washington.  It was made famous as it was propagated by taste-makers in Holland from Sensi Seeds from 1985 onward.  This legendary Indica has ancestry in native Afghan landrace and Thai landrace strains.  Northern Lights is 95% Indica and only 5% Sativa.  So, it produces strong relaxation with little stimulation.

Northern Lights is a disease resistant, mold resistant, resilient plant.  Its buds are full of powerful resins that form crystal-like coatings.  The plant produces brilliant green and deep purple hues.  It has won the most awards world-wide of any marijuana strain.  It is possibly the most in demand Indica.

Appearance and Smell

Northern Lights weed

Northern lights has a deep spice-like and saccharin flagrance.  There is a hint of pine and an earthiness.  The taste is spicy, bitter, and citrusy.

The Northern Lights plant wears deep purple and green leaves with frosty, hairy resins, buds, and trichomes.

How to Grow

Northern Lights grow

Growing Northern Lights pot is easy using some traditional gardening knowledge or an info guide found online.  This makes it a popular plant to produce.  It will grow to a small to medium height and can be grown as an indoor plant or an outdoor plant.  Flower Power fertilizer can provide additional plant food for Northern Lights bud plants.

Outdoor growers will need a sunny and moderately warm climate such as is typical of California.  Avid gardeners will enjoy the quality of the plant when carefully tended, but this plant grows well with less care than other strains.  It is small, compact, and resistant to mold and disease.

Northern Lights will take 6 to 8 weeks to flower, a relatively fast progression.  Yield may approach 18 oz. per square meter indoors.  Outdoor yield may be 22 oz. per plant.  Though yield is not to the extent of the highest yielding strains like White Rhino, this is a very valuable and quality plant, one of the most sought-after strains in history.  What is lost in quantity is more than made up for in quality.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Northern Lights marijuana

Northern Lights, like other strong Indicas, is good for pain and insomnia.  It has a strong relaxation, couchlock, and numbing effect.  This can relax the muscles in conditions like fibromyalgia or just general muscle tension from stress.  It can relieve low back pain, pain from arthritis, anxiety, nausea, and depression.

Northern Lights is great for lifting mood without causing too much stimulation and so may be useful in anxiety and depression.  It may therefore be especially useful for the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders like Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder.

Cancer patients fighting nausea and lack of appetite will appreciate Northern Lights’ anti-nausea and appetite stimulating effects.  This effect may also be useful in anorexia.

THC content is from 16% to 21%, mid-high range, comparable in effects to the best Kush.

Northern Lights Weed Price

This strain is widely available in California and throughout the West Coast USA.

Vendor: Seattle Tonics
Seattle, WA USA
Strain name: Northern Lights
1 -oz  – $150 USD
Vendor: Pot Shop
Seattle, WA USA
Strain name: Northern Lights – Western Culture
1 gm –  $15 USD
1/8 oz – $50 USD
¼ OZ – $ 95 USD


The effects of Northern Lights are fast and strong.  Just two hits are enough to be floored by instant euphoria and a comfortable lazy numbness throughout the body.  Northern Lights is nearly a pure Indica.  It is strong knock-over medicine.  Lovers of Indicas revere this strain.  It will give a lazy hazy break after a long and hectic day.  Northern Lights will melt away stress and rock you into a deep slumber.

This two-hit wonder will give you immediate couchlock as you melt into the sofa and will stimulate the appetite.  This is great for those whose appetite is lost through illness or depression.  It may also be useful for those looking to gain or lose weight as it will make your chosen diet more palatable.  For example, if you feel you should eat a large salad in place of dinner but don’t find it appetizing, a few hits of Northern Lights will have you digging in.

Some report that this very clean Indica heightens their thinking and creativity.  It may be great for creative projects such as art and music, or just philosophizing with friends.

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Northern Lights Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Lucas on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

How many times I was told to try this world-famous strain! Finally I got my hands on this beautifully extracted into shatter piece of heaven. People were right writing in their reviews that it gently lays you into a deep sense of relaxation, calms down and mellows you and your troubled thoughts. First dab made me feeling better than ever. For twenty minutes or so it was really calming, relaxing, slowly vaporizing me just as the banger did the shatter. I actually didn't even notice something changed! I was just thinking how to cope with my insomnia (that didn't seem to go away) and my day that was all boring and I was especially concerned about my late-night anxiety. How happy I am I was wrong! Now I'm waiting forward to see this beautiful flower and of course to smoke it, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try the dab first and enjoy a truly unique experience and flavour. And now my friends this review came to an end, so as the effects and I feel that relaxation is about to fade into a peaceful sleep. Northern Lights, I will never forget how you made my sky safe so I could sleep covered with your protection.

by Gabriel on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

I think I've already tried all the most popular and universally enjoyed strains throughout my life (or at least through that period I've been smoking). That's why I was really surprised that something providing such complex effects like this pot managed to elude my ken. And now I'm laughing on the inside AND outside, because everything's become so clear now, especially why all the people say this one is the ultimate in marijuana. Actually I feel giggly about everything right now, but that's not the point. The point is that now I'm truly IN LOVE with Northern Lights that feels like the most stereotype of rasta/hippy/Jamaican ganja is known for. Only bliss, tranquility and peace in your heart (without fast heartbeat, which is important). In other words, all the features that I love and enjoy about weed so I can tell you my friend, this is undoubtedly my all-time favorite. I feel happy and high and lifted but at the same time I feel nothing, loose like a bowl of jelly. The eyelids are really heavy, I must say, I struggle to keep my eyes open. And enjoying ocean with calypso music right now sounds fantastic. Must try some day.

by TrampLee on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Bought this in a Canadian legal store. The 3.5 grams I have has been tested at a 21.23% content of THC wich is quite high.

A small dose of this gets me feeling cool, relaxed. I could still do my normal day habits. I even ended up cleaning, wich I normally hate, and I enjoyed it.

A medium dose of this really slow down your minds while making clear ideas. I ended up finding solutions for some of my everyday life problems. It do gives couchlock as every muscles goes into relaxation.

A huge dose of this had me writing this review. This shit is quite strong; I couldn't imagine myself doing any activities right now and my eyes are terribly red.

by Mindy on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

I have severe pain management issues- degenerative spinal disease, fibromyalgia, and frequent migraines. Northern Lights #5 was bred for people like me. It helps control pain, ease migraines, reduce anxiety, relax my muscles and makes me giggle. I LOVE IT!

I only smoke Indicas and have tried about 25 different strains, and Northern Lights #5 is my favorite.

by Sandy LeBoy on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Nice stuff. Yesterday was my first try, and then took the dog for a walk. It created a slow and thoughtful walk filled with spurts of creativity. I thought first of a new technique for my watercolors, and thought I need to get home to try that. Then I had the pleasure of thinking about if I had a million, how I would give it away. Needless to say, it was a great walk, and I am glad my dog needs to poop every day! Cheers!

by Gregory on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

How would I describe the smoke of Northern Lights? Well, it’s earthly, smooth, with an after-taste of pine. This strain provides a savory smoking experience… Great body and head high. My depression was totally gone and I felt like the happiest guy on the face of the Earth… Fantastic smoke.

by Ray on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

I was beyond excited when I got Northern Lights seeds! The plants grew to almost 6 foot and yielded about 40 grams each, which I thought was pretty good! Also I liked that the flowering was pretty quick (I harvested after 8 weeks). After I finally smoked it, I found myself in a thoughtful, but relaxing mood. I recommend this strain big time!!!

by Stephen on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

After smoking Northern Lights, I switched to indica. A sativa I smoked before had me a bit anxious which was an undesirable outcome because I suffer from social anxiety. This strain, however, made me calm and relaxed. I’m fairly new to marijuana but I think Northern Lights is the best pot for me because I feel genuinely happy when I smoke it…

by Susan on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Glad to see so many positive reviews for Northern Lights. I smoked it for the first time in Amsterdam a few years ago but never stumbled across it here in Colorado… I remember that experience like it was only yesterday! After browsing the city for a few hours, I entered this coffee shop and asked the manager to give me the Northern Lights…. At the time I knew nothing about it but thought I’d try something new. The experiment went very well! Immediately, this marijuana put me into a relaxed state… I was genuinely happy and even managed to wander the streets for another hour… Good times…

by Eric on Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Nice flavor and smoke qualities. I picked up this marijuana from a local outlet a while ago and fell in love with it. Have been using it for nausea and stomach pain for almost four months now, and it has been doing an excellent job so far. Also, it can elevate you and make you work like you’ve never worked before, so it’s perfect for daytime use. In fact, just smoked it yesterday and worked my ass off (sure felt like it), so I thought that I would write this review.

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