Trainwreck strain: Marijuana, weed strains Reviews

Positive EffectsEuphoria, relaxation body high, creativity
OriginCalifornia (from Thai, Mexican, and Afghan breeding)
FlavorsPepper, Spicy
May RelieveMelancholic depression, pain, PTSD, ADHD, joint and muscle pain, nausea, weak appetite, migraine, arthritis
Aromas, FragranceStrong Citrus, lemon, pine
THC Content %14 to 18%
CBD %0.02 – 0.1%
Yield500 to 700 grams per plant, 35 to 65%
Flowering time8 to 10 weeks
HarvestEarly October
Disease resistanceHigh
Plant HeightTall
Adverse effectsAnxiety, paranoia, dizziness, dry mouth, dry eye, couchlock lethargy

Strain Name: Trainwreck

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Origins, Genetics, History

Trainwreck is a mixture of 90 % Sativa (Thai and Mexican) and 10 % Indica (Afghan), reportedly created by two brothers in California in the 70s.  Due to a train wreck near the crop, they had to pull it early to avoid detection and discovered the power of their hybrid creation.

The Sativa effects of euphoria and mood elevation dominate, yet there is also a strong relaxation from the Indica effects, with a good body buzz and couchlock (feeling glued to the couch from relaxation).

The thc level of this weed is very high, as much as 20%, approaching a kush level.  This makes it a potent medical strain for many types of chronic pain and to reduce inflammation.

Appearance and Smell

Trainwreck grows fairly tall and is full of thin leaves and resin-packed buds.  It has a very strong aroma with citrusy, pine, and lemon fragrances.  The taste is like pine with a hint of a lemon after-taste.  This makes it very suitable to fight nausea and stimulate appetite.

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How to Grow

Trainwreck will grow well indoors or as outdoor plants.  It is cloned or grown from newly produced seeds.  It will need to be grown in a warm and dry place, away from frost.  Trainwreck bud will flower in 8 to 12 weeks, with harvest time in early October.  It will require some trimming.  Indoor plants may yield as much as 18 oz. per square meter.  Growing outdoors can be a little more labor intensive but can yield as much as 25 oz. per plant.  Flower Power fertilizer is an excellent choice for this breed as it contains all the necessary nutrients.  You may use the watering and feeding schedule recommended by the fertilizer use instructions.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Trainwreck is a desirable choice to treat pain syndromes including chronic pain, muscle and joint pains, migraines, and arthritis.

Due to its Sativa effects, it can be good for depression.  The relaxation effect of its Indica properties can make it useful for ADHD and PTSD also.

Trainwreck is also useful to stimulate appetite and reduce nausea in people with conditions like cancer and for the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Trainwreck is a popular strain.  It can be particularly useful when there is a need for a strong mood lift balanced with strong relaxation, such as depression with comorbid anxiety and pain.

Trainwreck Weed Price

Vendor: Bridge City Collective – Portland, Oregon

Strain name: Trainwreck by High Noon

1 gm – 12 UDS

1/8 OZ – 35 USD

¼ OZ – 70 USD

½ OZ – 120 USD

1 OZ – 220 USD

Vendor: Blood Cannabis – Portland, Oregon

Strain name: Trainwreck 4

1/8 OZ – 30 USD

¼ OZ – 54 USD

½ OZ – 102 USD

1 OZ – 192 USD

Trainwreck strain effects

Trainwreck is a very popular strain name to describe the mix of Sativa Thai and Mexican with Afghani Indica, and great for both recreational and medical uses.  Recreational users value the very cerebral and euphoric high mixed with the strong relaxation and body high.  It has a very strong balance of stimulating and relaxing properties.  It is good to enhance creativity and elevate conversation.

Medical users who need a strong kick of pain-relief without too much stimulation will also value this strain of pot.  Trainwreck varieties are good for mental issues as well.  It is described as very uplifting and mood-brightening.  It can also treat anxiety at the same time with its relaxing properties.

This strain is good to use for recreational purposes because it has moderately high thc content, and low but useful CBD content.  The CBD effects take the edge off the stimulating Sativa properties as well as helping to reduce inflammation.  Recreational users will enjoy the stimulation, mood boost, relaxation, and couchlock properties.  It is good for social gatherings and for engaging in creative projects such as art and dance.  Listening to music is more euphoric and meaningful.  It can be useful as an aphrodisiac to increase stimulation and appreciation of romantic experiences.

This strain is good for various forms of intake and is often smoked.  It can also be used in edibles such as weed candies or pot brownies due to the high yield of thc and other active cannabinoids.

Those who will be growing their own buds will find info to guide their efforts readily available online, for cloning or creating their own Trainwreck hybrid.

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