Strain name info:Tangie Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.8 / Best known for:  Orange taste

Positive Effects marijuana Tangie strain effects
Origin / ancestryTangie Type:  Tangie is a hybrid of the following strains:

  • California Orange
  • Skunk #1

Tangie has won many competitions and had a legendary run of 10 wins in one year.  Tangie marijuana is most popular on the West Coast of the United States, including states like California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Aromas, FlavorsTangie is famous for its citrus taste and smell.  It has been described as having the taste of an orange, as the citrusy strain California Orange is one of its parents.  It is also sweet and sour, and tropical-tasting.
May RelieveTangie is a strong Sativa with an Indica component.  Its stimulating nature helps to improve conditions like depression, ADD, ADHD, nausea, and lack of appetite.  It can also help with mild occurrences of pain.  It is commonly used for everyday chronic stress.
THC Content:

19% to 22%,

 cannabis Tangie strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor YieldCultivators who grow the plant indoors can expect a yield of 18 ounces per meter squared of healthy Tangie weed.  Those who grow outdoors can expect 18 ounces per plant of citrusy weed.
Flowering timeTangie strain marijuana will take 9 to 10 weeks to flower and be ready for a fruitful harvest.
Genetic Tangie weed strain genetics
HarvestHarvest will take place in the later days of September or will happen early in the month of October.
Disease resistanceTangie marijuana is resistant to molds, mites, and pests of all kinds.
Plant HeightTangie weed plants grow to a medium height of around 50 inches.
TypeAuto-flowering strain
Adverse effectsTangie marijuana has few side effects when taken as ordered by a medical professional.  The most widely experienced side effect is the anticholinergic effect of dry mouth and sometimes dry eyes.  Rarely susceptible persons can experience panic attacks or paranoia.
Growing difficultyGetting Tangie plants to grow healthy and bountiful will require a moderate amount of skill.

cannabis Tangie strain

Origins, Genetics, History

Tangie is a hybrid of the following strains:

  • California Orange
  • Skunk #1

Tangie tastes like a sweet, ripe, juicy orange and has a hit of as much as 22 percent THC.  This potent combination garnered the strain a run of ten Cannabis Cups in just one year’s time.

Tangie’s parent strain, California Orange, as legend has it, originated in, you guessed it, California, perhaps in the 70s.  However, it had to matriculate to Amsterdam to survive Reagan’s disastrous War on Drugs of the 80s.  So, it became an expatriate strain, yet took off on the West Coast when it returned.

Skunk #1 provides the Indica component to many offspring, including the slight Indica genetics of Tangie.  Tangie, the name, is a tribute to the Tangerine Dream strain, highlighting the sweet and sour tastes of the strains.

marijuana Tangie strain

Appearance and Smell

The Tangie plant shoots up to a medium height.  The dried, prepared nuggets have an unforgettable pungency.  The smell of sweet, sour, orange, and citrus with green pine is overwhelming.  The taste is intense.  It fills the airways with citrus tastes that clears the sinuses.  The leaves are a medium green color, covered in orange pistils, and blanketed with white, hairy trichomes which hold a potent dose of THC and other therapeutic compounds.

How to Grow Tangie Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Tangie cannabis seeds and cuttings is of a moderate level of complexity.  Tangie needs lots of sunlight to bring out all of its wonderful qualities.  The screen or green method, along with topping the plant to induce branching are recommended for this plant.  A good fertilizer like Flower Power and soil are recommended rather than hydroponics.

Tangie can be grown fine indoors.  It will need plenty of light and controlled, balanced humidity levels.  It should be grown using soil and a fertilizer.  Flowering will take about nine to ten weeks.  A yield of 18 ounces per meter squared of sweet, orange flavored weed will be the grower’s reward.

Tangie grows best outdoors.   The strong citrusy smell can attract unwanted attention so be cognizant of where the plant is grown.  Be sure to find an area with rich soil and plenty of sunlight.  Harvest will be in late September to early October and you can expect 18 ounces of prime-time citrusy green per plant.

Tangie weed strain

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Tangie has THC levels up to 22% and low CBD.  Tangie is a stimulating, get up and go strain.  Its ability to stimulate the mind and create a sense of energy and euphoria makes it a good choice to treat depression, some cases of anxiety, and especially ADD and ADHD, which are traditionally treated with strong stimulants.  The problem with stimulants such as methylphenidate and methamphetamine which are sometimes used to treat ADD and ADHD is that though they create focus, they do not have a relaxing component.  ADD and ADHD are characterized by both a lack of focus and by hyperactivity of the mind and body, with increased psychomotor agitation.  Tangie medical marijuana is able to treat both of these by providing both stimulation to improve energy and focus, and relaxation to calm the body and fight hyperactivity.

Tangie medical cannabis has also been touted as a treatment for depression.  The stimulating effect creates a euphoria that is certain to snap the user out of a depression.  Like other varieties of weed, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect which may help treat depression in the long term.  Many recent studies have linked depression with chronic inflammation in the nervous system.  Marijuana may be able to reduce this inflammation through the actions of THC, CBD, terpenoids, and other therapeutic substances in the cannabis.

Tangie can also treat some cases of anxiety and PTSD.  Although it is a Sativa, it has a relaxing component.  Its Skunk #1, Indica parent has equipped it with a balanced high that does not tip over into anxiety.  It is a controlled high that provides stimulation and relaxation at the same time, with the cerebral euphoria dominating in the beginning, then the relaxation effects taking over to bring the user slowly down.  Using Tangie marijuana, the patient will not lose focus or the ability to work and function during use.  This makes it very valuable, as many people have to choose between working or using their medication.  However, Tangie, taken according to the doctor’s orders, can be used while maintaining or enhancing work ability at many jobs.  Of course, driving or operating heavy machinery is not recommended with this or any medication that affects the nervous system.

Tangie can be used for cases of nausea.  Nausea can be a result of treatment for conditions like cancer, or it can be the result of conditions like dysautonomia.  Nausea is a frequent symptom of many syndromes.  Using Tangie marijuana for nausea is a winning avenue for treatment.  Tangie will get rid of nausea without making you lazy and lethargic.  You will be nausea-free, and still able to get up and work and do all the things you need to do to move your life forward.

Tangie can be used to improve appetite.  This is a great boon to those with lack of appetite from illnesses, syndromes, or treatments.  People with HIV, anorexia, and other wasting conditions often lack the appetite to eat enough to cover the basic needs of the body.  Treatment with Tangie can spark appetite allowing these persons to increase food intake enough to put on the weight they need to thrive.

Tangie Weed Price

Vendor: Nectar – Burlingame

Portland, Oregon, USA

Strain name: Tangieland

Gram – $ 10 USD

Eighth – $ 30 USD

Quarter – $ 59 USD

Half – $ 110 USD

Ounce – $ 199 USD

Vendor: NW Compassion Medical Center

Wood Villiage, Oregon, USA

Strain name: Tangieland – Recreational

Tangieland – Medical Marijuana

Gram – $ 12 USD

Eighth – $ 42 USD

Quarter – $ 84 USD

Half – $ 151.20 USD

Ounce – $ 268.80 USD


Tangie weed is first experienced as a strong citrus smell and beautiful green and orange nuggets.  As you toke, this experience will turn into an invigorating and euphoric stimulation from the Sativa weed doing its job well.  This effect will not lock you to the couch nor make your thoughts or movements slow and lethargic.  Instead, you will get a rush of creativity and ideas.

Tangie is best enjoyed with friends who can join in a frenetic conversation full of creative ideas and possibilities.  Its effects will stimulate and titillate.  It can also be a good way to increase enjoyment of a romantic partner or to spice up the experience of a sumptuous dinner with loved ones.

Tangie can also be used to enhance creativity for creative projects including brainstorming for writing, painting, or philosophizing with friends, probing the meanings and secrets of the universe.  You will experience intense enjoyment of psychological and intellectual communion with your friends and family.

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